About MLFB

Mission And Goals



MLFB believes in the value of Spring League
for our fans, players, content
providers and shareholders.

MLFB will complement how American sports
leagues are run and leverage player,
game innovations and coverage.

Enhance and elevate the experience of
the fan
and create unique, real-time
content that will inspire them.


1. Fill the void in the professional football landscape
with an innovative and dynamic professional sports

2. Continue to attract and retain proven industry
to further develop the league.

3. A non-conflicting or competitive league to the
established NFL
and other televised sports leagues
in the US marketplace.

4. Expand media content delivery platforms of
broadcasted games to reach a wider fan base.

About MLFB Staff

Major League Football Inc. is a publicly traded, professional spring football league. MLFB is dedicated to creating an innovative, accessible, and fan-owned game, which is scheduled to kick off in 2017. MLFB’s strategically placed spring / summer season will fill a critical need for outdoor football at that time of the year when sports content is in high demand.