Missoulian: Former Griz CB Anthony Goodwin finds second chance with MLFB


In an interview done by The Missoulian’s Tom Bauer, former Montana Grizzly’s cornerback Anthony Goodwin explained his roller coaster of an experience the night he found out he was drafted.

Q. What was that moment like seeing you’d been drafted?

A. It’s so funny how it happened. My name goes up there and then the wrong school goes up next to it (on the league’s official Twitter page @MLFB). I was at work — I’m a utility worker at a bowling alley — and I looked at my phone and saw my name and the wrong school. I instantly Googled “Anthony Goodwin” and “Oregon” and nothing came up. This has to be me. I didn’t get a call so I think it’s me, but it’s not me. My aunt Tweeted the draft people and eventually they posted a fix. “With the 72nd pick, Anthony Goodwin is from Montana, not Oregon.” Then I just freaked out. I karate kicked open the backdoor at my work, super hyped.

For more on Goodwin’s football journey, how he’s preparing for the upcoming season and much more, read the full interview here:

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