Petoskey News: Kruzel brothers’ bond leads each to chance in Major League Football


Draft night isn’t just a stressful experience for the players; their families and friends are nervous for them with every pick that goes by, as well. So imagine the friends and families of Tyler and Trever Kruzel, who had to wait all the way until the 38th and 39th rounds to read their names as official MLFB players.

But for these two brothers, relief and excitement had an added bonus to it, as it was the same coach who called both of their names.

Tyler was the one that broke the news to his younger brother Trever, who had been out to dinner with his cousin during the time they were selected.

“My brother called me at 11 o’clock,” Trever said. “He said, ‘Hey, you just got drafted, I just saw it online that you got picked up.’ I didn’t even realize they were still drafting at that time. I thought they had got done earlier in the day, so I was all excited.”

As Trever’s excitement grew, Tyler called again to break even greater news.

“Probably 10 minutes later he called back and said,’Dude, I just got drafted to the exact same team you did!”

For more on the Kruzel brother’s MLFB experience, including what it was like going from Pro Day prospect to draft night selection, read the original article at Petoskey News here:


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