Salisbury Post: Kevin Parks getting a shot at pro football


Many of MLFB’s inaugural players are those who believe they slipped through the cracks on their one chance to get drafted to the NFL. That’s where running back Kevin Parks is at; he believes he is an NFL caliber player. When he finished his career at the University of Virginia, he ranked fifth in school history in rushing yards (3,219), sixth in touchdowns (33) and seventh in all-purpose yards (3,998). But to the NFL, those stats weren’t good enough.

The draft came and went. Not only did Parks not hear his name called in the seven rounds of the draft, he didn’t get invited to anyone’s camp as a free agent, which was a shock to everyone. “Before the draft, my advisor had heard from six or seven teams, but no one pulled the trigger,” Parks said. “Then, after the draft, there was nothing. No calls — nothing. I took it hard, and it was absolutely one of the toughest times in my life. But after a while you realize that life goes on. You’ve got to keep going, and I have.” Parks had bulked up for the NFL draft, but now he’s back down to 195 pounds. He feels light, quick and strong, and he’s ready to give Major League Football his best shot.

Now Parks has a new chance, one he himself vows to make the most of. To read the full interview and story of Parks’ journey to Major League Football, read here:

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