General Managers

Stephen Videtich


In earning a Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering Degree from North Carolina State University, Stephen Videtich has known the game of football runs deep in his soul. On the field, he would spend thirteen seasons as a highly successful Arena League place kicker. Off the field, he became the Operations Coordinator in New York City for the Arena Football league managing the league’s vast AFL properties in 2000.

After leaving that post, he returned to his roots in Salt Lake City to become an Account Executive with the Utah Blaze franchise. It was that Arena League experience that catapulted his career to become the General Manager of the highly successful franchise from 2009 – 2013. In five brilliant seasons at the helm of the Blaze, he ran a clean and profitable franchise.

To highlight his work and loyalty to the AFL, Steve Videtich was given the honor of becoming the leagues Ambassador to China on a good will trip in 2013.

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