TLB: New Major League Football offers another chance for NFL hopefuls


Being a professional athlete isn’t always the luxurious life television portrays it to be. The less than one percent of athletes who “make it look easy” are far from the norm. For most of these athletes, they sacrificed a lot to get to the point where you can just read their name on a depth chart. For them it’s been years of hard work and a lifetime of dedication.

In an article written by Connor Mount of The Left Bench, Mount explains how hard work is important, but even then, having the right door open up is sometimes just as important for the dreams of today’s athletes. With a small amount of spots for a such a large career of interest, finding the right opportunities can be the difference between hard work paying off or it being all for naught.

No one ever said making a career out of playing football was easy, but hardly anyone ever talks about how difficult it is. Thousands of aspiring professionals brave the tryout circuit, dedicating much of their time and money to working out, cross-country flights, lodging and tryout fees. They compete with one another for a limited number of vacancies in the United States, Canada and sometimes Europe, hoping their dedication is rewarded with the perfect set of circumstances that gets them noticed by an NFL scout capable of giving them an invitation to training camp and a shot at their dreams.

It’s exceptionally rare to encounter those circumstances because life isn’t perfect, not even for professional football prospects. Roster space isn’t an unlimited resource for the Canadian, Arena and Indoor Football Leagues. Individual teams within these leagues can be volatile, so a roster spot might not even guarantee a job, as some athletes have found out the hard way.

Mount goes on to explain what Major League Football is, and how it can be that “right place, right time” for hundreds, even thousands of players in its first few years. The author gathers information from interview with MLFB’s Executive Vice President of Finance, Michael Queen, and Vice President of Media Relations, Nick Athan. He breaks down how MLFB has approached this new start up, and the challenges it knows it has ahead.

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